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burgeoning light

rothko texture

and here is so warm

im in love :)

burgeoning light

rothko texture

and here is so warm

im in love :)

and now i cant wipe the smile off my face

foals are beautiful
because they are pure

theyre a clean slate 

eggs in the coop are blue
it can have many a manifestation

i can no longer doubt myself

come home sooner
come to me
and when i am with you
where we are is a home

you find hope in my eyes
make me wanna scream
embarassing things with you

you find hens in my eyes
and im a chicken for you
cluck cluck im your bird brain

hot sauce and wings in my eyes
it stings
but you stay
and help me wash it out
you really love me
i fall on your pressure point
and you still love me
you love me

in my silly season
you make good things happen
keep them coming :)

fucking shit nastyface!
that wasnt a literal saying
next time youre coming prepared

found flower
i love you like
a dove in a jet engine

i suck at metaphors :)

we stare at our computers
i truly cant complain :) 

delectable stench
delicious aroma
forget any evil connotations
and replace them with love
finger senseations
tingle tickle
just a trickle
of spit or blood
down ones spine
is enough to make one shiver

but i do not
for it is warm to the touch

my love for you is like a burning field
encompassing all stages of the fire

im just a large man with large motions on a large scale

you have a blue head
i am dead on you :*

we stare at the moon
think of the situation
and stop

and thus we walk on

blood pressure is probably high
i think i just felt myself die 

i cant lie to myself anymore
candlejack take me awa 

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