disastrous fuckhead
shoot me in the brain
gouge my eyes out
dismember all of me

gutwrench fuckface
kill me in the street
slaughter my meat
eat me up still warm

take me up before a crowd
cleanse me of my bad brain
settle my thoughts with stone
free me from my depression

yeah im on a bus bitch
sick like a fucking dog
but getting along yeah

dear driver
its not a fucking race
track calm your shit
we’re gonna get
there alive chill out

youre gonna kill 
someone like that
with you driving
like a maniac
god damn
fuck man
i wanna live
i wanna liv

culture shock and dystopia
in a world torn by violence
anger and hatred abound
death loses its meaning
chaos the new normal
kill all that is in sight
destroy everything
murder everyone
have no mercy
feel nothing
go ahead
and die
! ! !

he looked at the boy and spoke

"i am not a smart man" he said
as he walked backwards into the street
as a bus ran his sorry ass over

the boy didnt even stand a chance
from right there on he was fucked

dat face doe a deer
scoop my brains out
egyptian style yeah

dat face doe a deer
scoop my brains out
egyptian style yeah

kisses and pattern recognition
in the old forest of your desire
walk with me to seclusion and
open a jar of worms and stand
still in the night
unaware of what youre doing
literally nothing is happening
stomach pains are now turning
to expulsion of vomit and acid
i go home
let me sleep for a while
and wake up in the morning
without anything
i just wanna be

i forgot how to enjoy listening to music
this may be a problem

go shit in an oil drum

go shit in an oil drum

i am going to leave my genetic material on the cliffs and the sea

zero people have viewed your picture

lean with me as the fog sets in
sleep with me as the stars shine
laugh with me as the rains fall
love with me until we die
tell me you love me again
and again and again and again

tales of a soft white backlight
casting on your soft pale skin
showing me the things i love
tell me the story of the hound
or the one with the pony ride
even more than all of these
tell me you love me again
and again and again and

sit here stare i do nothing
lets go do nothing together
lets go to a faraway place
and we will do nothing
you may think nothing of it
but nothing is not nothing
when its nothing with you
now thats something :-)

throw my broken fingers into an air
dripping of sweat nectar some blood
juices running down up a trail of feeling
to you and your gentle heated love

you move around me in the special air
back arched toes curled foaming at your mouth
eyes held open and screaming so loud
you have lost control of your face to love

we lie together supine on a wet hot bed
a hot dank room spinning up above
the green grass grows up tall as we stare
into the stars slash ceiling fan - in love

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